A True Partner in Local Government Communications

Dorado Creative works with local government staff and elected leaders across California to create public engagement and education campaigns that navigate today’s complex messaging environments and achieve real objectives.

Rooted in experience, driven by data, and addicted to cutting-edge creative, Dorado Creative provides difference-making strategic communications and creative for local governments.

We do things different by design.

That's The Dorado Difference

Strategic Communications:

Effective communications programs don’t churn out words and content for volume’s sake. They’re built from the ground up with your strategic objectives in mind. That’s the hallmark of a Dorado Creative campaign.

Message Development & Delivery:

We view message development as a process; subjecting all messaging efforts to thorough research and analysis before programs and content are created.

Video Production:

Production quality matters. Period. And video rules today’s content rich environment. There’s a place for shooting on a cell phone, but it ought to be only when you’re aiming for that look.

Websites, Graphic Design, and Digital:

Today’s audience eyeballs are on digital media, so the Dorado team builds “digital first” campaigns. But regardless of the medium, creative excellence will make your content, and your story, stand out.

How Can We Help You Look Good?

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